Monday, June 24, 2013

Coming Soon

Lots of new and fun things will be added to this page.  I decided it was NOT the right time to stop posting afterall.  It would seem I was feeling a bit overwhelmed there for a short time but that has passed and I am more than ready to start posting again. :)  Funny how only a day or two can change one's outlook on life - for the better.  Eliminating some people that were a burden to begin with sure helped a lot.  Ever feel that weight being lifted ??  :)  But enough of that.  This blog is not about burdens and other bad feelings but rather fun and joyous things and happy feelings.  So onward and upward as it were.

New and fun things eh ?  Well, these beads/headpins are not so new to create but they sure are a lot of fun to make !  The first & second photo - 20mm 8 pt bell flowers & the last photo is 14mm bell flowers in pinks and purples.  The first and third photo's of the bell flowers, those are all available in my Etsy shop as are a lot of other bell flowers.  If you go over to my Etsy shop, just look around and you'll find all the bell flowers that are available.   I just wanted to post this real quick as I need to get going and get some work done.  So enjoy the photo's below.  I'll be back again very soon with new "stuff", new insights and maybe a secret or two.  :) 

Thanks much for coming by and please come back again soon.  :) 

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  1. Very Beautiful Flowers! I Love Them.
    Keep Torching!